About MINT Dental Insurance

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Dental insurance that doesn’t suck.

One of the leading dentists in the country was disappointed about how dental insurance worked. Policyholders had to wait months and sometimes a year to actually use their dental insurance. Deductions oftentimes were outrageous. Even worse, patients would learn at the last minute that their dental policies weren’t accepted by their family dentist.

Something had to change. So he changed it.

MINT Dental Insurance does away with silly wait times and wondering if your dentist will accept your PPO dental insurance (not to mention high prices). So whether you are single, married, with or without kids, or the owner of a small company—there’s now a PPO dental insurance plan for you. MINT Dental Insurance.

Created by a dentist. Specifically for your teeth.

Dr. Field Harrison, founder of MINT Dentistry, lobbied for years to negotiate with major medical providers to provide patients with a dental insurance plan that would be helpful, affordable, and have no waiting periods.

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"I hope this helps people almost as much as going to the dentist does."

-Dr. Field Harrison